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Jan 21st

As the day winds down, I’m sad I wasn’t able to make it to the Women’s March, but my heart is overflowing with pride for all the women who did, who made it a world-wide rejection of hate. It deeply saddens me to see so many utterly reject what all these people are standing up for, I truly do not understand how someone can be so set in their ways they can’t even hear someone else’s voice, especially when it comes to topics like health & rape. I continue to choose love, to choose understanding, to choose empathy & altruism, & to hope beyond hope that someday evens like today won’t be necessary any longer.


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Halloween Crafts Pt 2, the photo album

It’s been a time warp since my last post – BAM NOVEMBER – but I haven’t forgotten!  We got our pumpkins back from the school & managed to get our ghost garland into our tree.  We waited until the day before Halloween to carve pumpkins, but that’s because it’s been so blasted warm.  Two days after Halloween, they were already all shriveled & squishy.  But first I got a bunch of photos for my boys to remember their excellent work.  They did their own designs & their own carving this year!  We were very proud.

Ian’s Piggy Pumpkin won the “Happiest Smile” award!img_20161018_090740

Henry’s Gerald won the “Greatest Glasses” award!img_20161018_090747

Little plastic baggie tree ghosts!

And the quintessential Halloween craft, jack-o-lanterns!img_20161031_194711

Now on to making pine cone turkeys & pressing leaves!!

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Halloween Crafts, pt 1

This Halloween season has gotten rather crafty, fairly unexpectedly.  When my boys get excited to make stuff, though, I’m not one to say no.

Today we submitted a pair of pumpkins to the boys’ school library for entrance to the “favorite book character” pumpkin decorating contest.  We did Gerald & Piggie from Mo Willems’s kid’s books.  They are definitely my boys’ favorite characters right now.  I bought two pie pumpkins, so they wouldn’t be too huge, then had the boys paint them gray & pink.  I had a couple different brands of craft paint & they covered just fine.  We let them dry overnight, then used craft foam, sticky-back craft foam, pipe cleaners, & glue to add the details of the faces.  Unfortunately, I neglected to take photos today before turning them in to the librarian for the week, but I’ll either sneak into the library soon to snap some pictures or else I’ll wait until we get them back at the end of next week & share photos then.

Tomorrow we’ll be stringing & hanging a set of homemade ghost garland in our tree out front.  The boys shaped floral wire into the approximate shape they wanted for their ghosts, then we taped plastic trash bag material over top & added faces with googly eyes & Sharpie marker.  They’re really funny & I’m hoping they survive more than one season.  I think it’d be super fun to keep adding ghosts every year & ending up with a really huge garland after a while.  We’ll see, though.  Photos also pending on these dudes, but hopefully that will just be until tomorrow.  There’s also a birthday party & Halloween carnival happening tomorrow, however, so please forgive me if I totally & completely space it.

Happy Friday!

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I’m a tall woman.  The kind of tall that, when you overhear someone describing a girl as “tall, but not, like, freakishly tall, like probably 5’10″”, I fall into that “freakishly tall” category.  I was 14 years old when I hit 6 feet tall.  Now I’m 6’4″.

I was always a tomboy.  I still prefer jeans & a tshirt to any other outfit.  But there are times when a girl likes to wear something flattering, and men’s jeans, while long enough, were definitely not flattering.  Unfortunately, neither were the extremely matronly clothes that were the staple of “tall women” selection anywhere we were lucky enough to find it.  Downright dowdy.  And everything else was a compromise in size. To get sleeve lengh anywhere close, I wore shirts 2 sizes too wide.  Shoes were just plain impossible.  I even had a sales person laugh once when I told her what size I needed.

Then my grandfather went to England & found an amazing place: Long Tall Sally.  He brought a catalog home, but they didn’t deliver to the US at the time.  Luckily, we were planning a trip across the pond ourselves &, at age 16, I finally got to walk into a store where I didn’t have to compromise on size. At all. It was amazing! I even still remember what I picked out; a set of silk pj’s, a pair of dress pants, a pair of jeans, & two long-sleeved, ridiculously soft shirts.  And look!


This is me in one of those ridiculously soft shirts. Today (age *cough*34*cough). I still have both of them! Look at the length on those sleeves! They’re still some of the longest, comfiest, softest sleeves ever.

Today I’m lucky enough to have a Long Tall Sally in my city.  I still can’t describe the level of appreciation I have to be able to walk into a store & know I will find clothes that fit & flatter without having to compromise.  I tell every long-legged, long-torsoed, long-armed, & big-footed chick I meet to go check out LTS, too.

Happy Birthday, LTS! Here’s to 40 more years, so I can still be stylish & comfortable even when I’m old & grey.

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First tries, part 1


I’ve been thinking of different applications for my skulls that may be more attractive to the general Etsy shopper. One of the things I’ve noticed is getting big is combining florals with anatomy. I’m not super big on leaping onto whatever bandwagon just because it’s getting popular, but I’ve always loved negative space embroidery, where the focus of the piece is actually absent & what’s framing it is gorgeous. I thought, hey, I could try that. I opted to leave a little detail inside the skull, because skeletal beauty, that’s why, but I’m worried it makes it too muddled. I would love some feedback on this – whether it still looks like a skull, whether it works, whether my florals are too pathetic for existence. I’m not very practiced with floral embroidery & definitely need to do more work with it, but I have ideas for improvement to this general idea that may stick closer to my style anyway. Please share your thoughts! Thank you!